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Marika Vera: The Art of Sensuality & Practicality

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Marika Vera: The Art of Sensuality & Practicality

“I think the pieces inspire a feminine and sensual energy,” designer Marika Vera says of her namesake label, Signature by Marika Vera. And we wholeheartedly agree. One look at the Lula Fortune body, and one can see why. The silky back details and sexy cut of this bodysuit embody what this Mexican label is all about - minimal, clean, timeless and of course sensual design and concept. And black, lots of black.

Made for the active modern woman, Signature by Marika Vera places significant importance on versatility and individualism, “The Marika Vera woman does not dress one specific way, since our pieces are basics that can work with many different types of style and becomes a whole other thing once mixed with each individual’s wardrobe”. This high regard for inclusivity and letting the pieces accentuate and elevate what you already have are what make this label a perfect fit for Narcisse NYC.

It was love at first sight when we first laid eyes on the beautiful details of the pieces. That and also the fact that the brand’s philosophy is committed to spreading knowledge on femininity, sexuality, and sensuality - all the things that we, personally, revere.