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Why Shop Indie?


Why Shop Indie?

Hitting the streets to explore and shop at small, locally owned shops and stores in the neighborhood is one of our favorite things to do. People watching and experiencing Brooklyn’s style is our lifeblood. We love to meet our neighbors and friends and celebrate our customers who choose to come support us!

We support local artists and creators. NYC is brimming with the hardest working creative designers we know and we love to keep seeing and selling their work. It’s also full of beautiful performers and kinksters and aesthetics addicts we love to help look their part.

We are here to listen and talk to you about any and all of your intimate needs. We care about you and your sex life! Help us help you! Everyone needs something new when it comes to sex education.

It has to be said, the world is getting more and more homogenized — and we don’t like it! Keeping creativity, originality, and individuality alive can really feel like an upward battle sometimes. Get the reciprocal energy going in a virtuous circle of passion and dreams and love by supporting your local businesses! Like US!

Marika Vera: The Art of Sensuality & Practicality

Marika Vera: The Art of Sensuality & Practicality “I think the pieces inspire a feminine and sensual energy,” designer Marika Vera says of her namesake label, Signature by Marika Vera. And we wholeheartedly agree. One look at the Lula Fortune body, and one can see why. The silky back details and sexy cut of this bodysuit [...]

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Vignette No. 1

Meet our very own Narcisse Sales Girl: the tall, thin, and incredibly beautiful, Annalisa. Her style of bubblegum pink with the slap of black leather is exactly why we love her so much. No cookie cutter chick here. From the hair, to the lips, to the Stella set. The all pink tonal look doesn't get [...]

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