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Stylin' Tape


This styling staple is used by top celebrities and fashion stylists. Stylin’ Tape is a high quality double stick clothing and body tape that secures necklines, anchors slipping straps, closes blouse gaps, prevents wrap dresses from opening, and so much more. Made from the finest skin-safe medical adhesives on the market, it won't pucker or damage fabric. Its specially formulated clear adhesive stretches and flexes to curves to prevent popping off body and clothing. Can also be used as a quick fix for torn seams, fallen hems, broken zips, and rips. It is conveniently packaged in a modern faux snakeskin envelope, that stays clean protected in your handbag for a quick fix on the go.  Double stick clothing & body tape keeping your clothes where they belong...on you.

  • Each pack contains 32 pieces in 3 exclusive precut widths
  • 18 thin (1/4" x 3") strips for lightweight fabrics that need to flow.
  • 10 medium (1/2" x 3") strips secure low cut necklines, and slipping straps.
  • 4 wide (1" x 3" ) strips for better hold on strapless bras, tops and dresses.
  • Wear 6-8 hours max

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